Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nuri Maulida soap star claimed

Nuri Maulida soap star claimed confused when confronted with a question to choose between acting and singing. The girl was admitted 26 years can not answer because it was fun to pursue both areas.

The two areas that he tekuni is still in the entertainment world are interrelated. Moreover with Nuri had just started up his luck in the world of drag votes.

"Everything is delicious hell, I love the entertainment world everything from acting, presenting and singing everything I liked. Until now I try to live it all, "he said kindly.

Nuri is one type of person who does not want to run something with a half-half. Especially in the affairs of his career today. He is trying and working hard to get what he want and aspire.

In the world of acting for example, he did not want to just ride through it. He tried to learnig by doing. Therefore, he still tried to run both singing and acting their activities properly.

"Someday I shall focus on one point. But so far do not yet know what. Definitely a time will come that offer. Maybe it could paketan prensenting and singing into one package of times, "she said, laughing.

Despite undergoing two activities simultaneously, said Nuri was difficult to divide his time today. Incidentally Nuri also have a management that manage all activities from Monday to Saturday. He used it to shoot her stripping sinetron. Meanwhile, weekand usually he used to promo single.

"If it takes time for the promo single, we still ask for permission to MD. And all this time like a fine result is not no problem, "he explained.

With the growing density of activity, continue to prioritize Nuri admitted shooting 'Cinta Fitri' which has raised his name was. However, it does not mean he subordinated the world of drag voice it. He is still discussing with the scheduling sinetron 'Cinta Fitri'.

It's just that he now rarely met with families and younger siblings. "The anticipation least, if the promo was out of town I like to invite family and my brothers and sisters. So all used to vacation together, "he said.
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Laura is ready to step plan

Laura is ready to step plan
Laura plan ready to step into the aisle with her ​​boyfriend, Leo in mid 2011.Lamaran actress Laura Basuki has received from her lover. The 22-year-old Dara admitted ready to get married after a love affair for two years. According to Laura's wedding have been prepared with cooked.

"No rush. The plan was already long, "said the star of 'It's the ball' itu.Sebenarnya pengennya still married age 27 years, but after dating 2 years I think it is enough to know each other," said Laura met in Film Building, Jl MT Haryono.

Preparation and Leo her new marriage has been running 20 percent. Even so, the image Cup-winning actress was steadily stepped to the altar because he is 11 years older than she is very understanding and compassionate.

What age did you marry me anyway? "asked Leo. "Age 26, is why?" Laura Basuki ask back to the boyfriend. "If your age 26 years, I mean I was already ...," Leo calculate with a sad face. Understandably these lovebirds different age far enough.

Leo older than 11 years. Laura Leo reassuring. "If for you, I'm willing to revise deh. So how old are you, yes, "Laura fishing.

Leo's turn to launch a bid. "If it fits your age 23 only, how?" asked Leo. "Perhaps, but if I can Citra Cup as the best female lead, yes," virgin who debuted through the film Because of Ball (2008) This half-joking.

"But, if you could Cup baseball image, you still want to marry you?" Leo sure.

Light conversation between Laura Basuki (23) and Leo (34) in a tavern Japanese cuisine in the year 2010 it accounted for the Lord. Laura rewarded Citra Cup as the Best Main Actress in Indonesian Film Festival 2010. Both were firmly tied the knot in the presence of God.

"I never thought it was a reality. How could hell in two years I can become the best female actor? Now, I will honor his promise to Leo. That afternoon joke come true. So, young married, what's wrong, "said Laura with a happy tone to the Stars.

Dating for two years is enough. Smooth career did not prevent him build the home. In fact, won an image projected to make a career in the role more shiny.

"I'm not worried about a career. Not sure if I did not get married this year, the career is really at the top. Anyway, get Citra Cup before marriage is uncommon. Nothing else I need to pursue at this time besides get married. Leo did not restrict gerakku space, 'said the virgin birth of Berlin, 9 January 1988.

Preparations for the wedding procession is ripe. The building has been ordered, designer wedding dress has been contacted, and they began to sort out who invited guests. "Everything was booked. Invite Leo who care. Right now I'm thinking of going to wear what kind of concept, "beber Laura when asked about the concept of marriage.

Unfortunately, she did not want to reveal that happy date. Rather than conceal, she wants all ready as announced.

"March? Well, if that's gossip. Many artists are still married in that month. One month before marriage, then I tell you. To be sure, marriage after April, "explained Laura.

Why after April?

Laura wanted to pay off its responsibility as a child. If nothing gets in the way, the beginning of April she will graduate with a degree in economics graduate of the University of Atma Jaya, Jakarta.

"Before, we did not think about getting married before or graduation first. But since graduation was also this year, I chose the first graduation, newly married, "says Laura.

Moreover, from our chat with Laura's mother, known to his new father allow his daughter to marry after graduation.

"New daddy gave the green light when she had graduated," says the mama.

"At first thoughts like that. However, all buildings must have been booked. So we choose some other date, "says this lover of spaghetti.

To be sure, the wedding will take place in Jakarta.

Interestingly, there was no procession of application and engagement. Only two families meet, talk, then discuss the wedding.

"Application? That is ancient. Fiance was only in chat only, between me and Leo. The two families often meet at the weekend to discuss the progress of the wedding, "says Laura.

The figure of Leo, who politely make Laura smitten

Laura Basuki and Leo, her future husband (Panji / BI)
Not just any man can get a beautiful girl with a lot of heart performance as Laura. Many times she told me, Leo gentleman. Is that all it takes to attract capital Laura's heart?

"That's capital that important to me,"he stated.

Five times dating since grade 1 junior made ​​her understand the nature of man. Typically, the adam dazzled her pretty face.

"After that, the men are always steal the chance. Whether it be holding hands or just a kiss on the cheek. Leo does not like that, he's very polite. As long as we pedekate ¸ Leo never touched me. He knew very well how to appreciate a woman, "said Laura, who was introduced to Leo's by a friend several years ago.

Before going out with Leo, her small-scale research. He wanted to know the figure of Leo in the eyes of the friends who knew him. References from friends okay, go to the next stage.

"I brought him home. Introduced with Mama and Papa. Mama had time to check, too, questioned this and that, and Leo diligently answered. He was not offended at all by what the Mama. That's what makes me love him, "said Laura.

Moreover, Leo is not a jealous type of guy. She was comfortable with anyone acting co-star.

"Initially, he was jealous to see me play the scene with the opponent. Understandably, he understands baseball's acting. If I hold hands with your opponent to play, thought to have other feelings. But, the more he knows, he understands it, "said Laura.

So, Laura was ready to take new life and perform duties as a good wife.

"All this time I got up early and make his own breakfast. If married, I just need to make breakfast for two people right? It is not difficult, "lid Laura smiled.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

KD and Anang Krisdayanti Hermansyah, relations between the two country pop singer

Post-divorce or KD and Anang Krisdayanti Hermansyah, relations between the two country pop singer is still too cold. After one year of their divorce, they had met only once and rarely communicate via telepon.Desire although limited to the pop country singer, Kris Kristofferson or popularly known as the KD, to get married with her boyfriend, Raul Lemos, apparently was not unstoppable.
Kris Kristofferson Pascaperceraian or KD and Anang Hermansyah, Relations Between the two country-pop singer is still too cold. After one year of Their Divorce, Had They met only once and rarely Communicate although limited by telephone.

KD Heard voice across the phone, Sam Would not Budge. He did not issue a word even to simply ask the news That his ex-wife, as well as KD. During a conversation That lasted about 15 minutes, Sam just smiled.

The conversation was opened by KD WHO Immediately Called the name of Aurel. "Kak (KD calls for Aurel), how are you?" KD said hello Aurel. Aurel was Immediately Recognize the voice of his mother and Called KD. "Mimi," he replied.

The conversation continues with KD WHO praised Aurel in singing a duet with Sam singing the song "Without a Star". In the eyes of KD, her daughter was singing with the good. "Thank God, Their children are older now, has been clever. It cans sing good, "said KD in a trembling voice.

According to KD, and Aurel Had he not met. He admitted That he always looked forward to the arrival at his house in Jalan Aurel Dwijaya II, North Gandaria, South Jakarta. "Mimi in the house yes, my brothers waiting for baseball to come-come. We've met a baseball week, yes, "said KD again.

In fact, the KD house situated only 500 meters from the shop, the which is located in Plaza Anand Margaguna, Street Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, Aurel Nowhere live.
KD One neighbor WHO declined to be named said that the former wife of singer and songwriter Anang Hermansyah was Often asked for prayers for a quick marriage. "Mbak Yanti (call for KD) Often ask didoain.

Speech is ejected from the mouth of the singer Yuni Shara younger brother was delivered as lectures were the resource persons held in. Their home environment.

"At That time there was a program. I sat next to uterus (KD). veil I'm Used to uterus, 'Mbak Yanti, this May veil'. I said that. Then he (KD) replied, 'Yeah I'll ambilin That in ins. What right have I wear this, '"he said.

"I said, 'It's baseball, thank you, I just Want this'. Then he (KD) veil off and given to me. Well, Would shake fittings broke up, he (KD) pray ask say, "the story of the source.

He said, KD is well known and easy socializing on a neighbor. Some time ago, sources Also meet again with the KD. At That time, They passed EACH other on the street Pls KD Want To mourn the death of Their neighbor's house. At That time, KD Also was asked to be prayed again. "When I met, he (KD) said, 'pray let me hold ya a quick marriage,'" said the source

Jakarta Relatives singer Kris Kristofferson looks visited the Grand Hotel Sahid Jaya, Central Jakarta, Monday (03/07/2011). They claim to be a meeting to discuss marriage and Raul Lemos KD.

The news was confirmed by the assistant Kris Kristofferson, Jamal. However, he was reluctant to reveal more about what will be discussed in the hotel which is also an area with Sahid Masjid Nurul Iman it.

"Yeah, meeting," he said when asked about their arrival.

Jamal also justify KD and Raul ceremony will be held on 20 March. Their wedding reception will be held on March 25, or the day after the anniversary of the widow of two children.

"Yes," replied a short while Jamal passed into the hotel.

Previously it was reported that Kris Kristofferson and Raul Lemos will hold the ceremony at the Sahid Masjid Nurul Iman. The mosque itself is in an area with Grand Hotel Sahid Jaya.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Irwansyah and Saskia is enough to get married

'The plan originally was 11-11-11 but apparently did not get a place. Son wishes to get married on that special day. Continue beginning December 22, but because the family proposed by the Islamic count was less good. So we decided on December 18, 2010. It akad at home mom I am, "said Saskia's mother, Fanny Bauty, when contacted via phone on Tuesday.

Fanny added to the wedding reception will be held March 6, 2011. "December 5, 2010 proposal and the wedding later in the building on March 6, 2011," he said.

The former wife of Mark Sungkar this rate Irwansyah and  Saskia is enough to get married.

"According to the aunt, they had long courtship, already one year. But the new media found out six months, so it seemed for a while. Tante think this is a good intention and both are of age. Irwansyah also already same brother," he explained
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Risty married Without Traditional Batak

Risty married Without Traditional Batak

Couples who love relationships that last for six months menyelenggarakann
marriage contract ceremony and reception in Graha Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta. Although Risty have Batak blood, marriage does not use custom events. Only a marriage contract which directly followed the reception.

The story concept of the film star wedding Safa and Marwa and Sheen Love Kamila was disclosed by Risty cousin, Inez Tagor presenter. Met at the residence in Jalan Haji Risty Goden, Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, yesterday (1 / 10), Risty center study conducted ahead of the wedding. The bride was not yet willing to share the story with the media. "They want this teaching to be a private family ceremony. Tomorrow (today, Red), after the show, they just want to talk, "said Inez.

According to Inez, Risty look relaxed and not bothered in the live event was the release of single status. Risty follow the recitation with minimal makeup. Dikucir long black hair, then covered with hoods. "Ordinary dandannya really kok. I was even more excited. Maybe because it was pretty basic, so do not need make-up ridiculous, "went on Inez, and smiled.
The event was the core of today, said Inez, very simple. "I do not wear traditional procession, ordinary marriage. After the contract, direct reception, "said Lia Tagor, Risty another cousin.

About the decision of the youngest among three siblings to get married at a young age, Inez and Leah replied that as a family, they only help smooth the intention Risty and Rifky. In addition, two older Risty already married. "Brother-sister Risty was married under the age of 25 years," said Inez.

Risty marriage and impressed Rifky that suddenly raises many questions. Including allegations that the two entities Risty already. However, the artist's family was born in Jakarta, 12 April 1989, was denied. According to them, marriage has prepared four months ago because Risty and Rifky want to get married young.

Said Tawhid Tagor, sister in law Risty, Rifky apply bestfriend movie star was on 19 September. "If you both feel ready mentally and ask the parents to marry, her parents obliged to marry. It is also to prevent the things that are not desirable
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manohara acting in soap operas drawn criticism from the publi

Manohara acting in soap operas drawn criticism from the public. VJ Marissa as his partner must also recognize that Mano continues to hone her acting skills.

Problem Manohara who often came late to the set, was reluctant to comment on Marissa. According to him, some contemporary artists have soap operas such habits.

"Not only he (Manohara)'s all," said the owner's full name Marissa Nasution.

Marissa also revealed soap opera 'Manohara' stopped showing on TV not because of bad acting Manohara. Women who are now aged 23 years was admitted in the soap opera story Sinemart production is indeed gone like antique.

Soap operas deliver Manohara Odelia Pinot main star began his career in acting. But in the middle of it welcomed its first soap opera playing on the television, Mano a lawsuit from her husband, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry valued at Rp300 billion

If the case Mano Mano and the world of professional acting, Mano never interfere. That's something different. But yes I'm ready to come on because there are lawyers, "Mano said." If Mano Mano cases no longer think is career, "he asserted with a distinctive style.

Mano was not disappointed with the demands of her husband's, because he does not expect to be back in Kelantan, where her husband lives. Whatever must be faced even with all the risk. "Not disappointed, really hope Mano was not there," he asserted.

Meanwhile, talk about acting every chance Mano often asked the senior who happened to come into play. No matter the make artist though, he did not hesitate to ask, for the sake of acting so much better.

"To improve the Mano acting like asking the artist and director, until the make-up artist, everyone Mano to continue. Mano like to watch movies of people pay attention to how the expression," he concluded.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gita Gutawa not let the moment of Ramadan for granted in album

Gita Gutawa not let the moment of Ramadan for granted. This talented young singer had joined a religious album titled Ballad Shalawat.

On the album, which contains eight songs, the Gita many assisted his father who was also a maestro of the orchestra of Indonesia, Erwin Gutawa. Together Erwin also, Gita joined to create a song called The Story of Eight Dirham.

"I really wanted to make a religious song with something new. Not only the songs just begging for forgiveness and repentance, finally came out Dirham Eight Stories and the Perfect Man," he said.

According to the singer was 17 years, it took a year to finalize the religious albums. All done because he did not want to play games work on this project.

"The process that takes time year, but basebal lintense because there are some songs I did Hadad Alwi and songs of Heaven Beneath the soles of her feet to stay in the re-arranged," he explained.

Not only was released in this blessed month, but Gita is also able to share with others. Where did all the album sales will be donated to religi charity.

"I have a plan each year can be contributed from the album religi. May each year there could be a new religious songs so I can contribute more," he said.

Welcoming the month of Ramadan, the singers are competing religious album. Regine Velasquez did not want to miss. He spawned a ballad titled album Shalawat.

After Ungu, Gigi, and several other singers singles out a special Ramadan, now turn to the young singers, Regine Velasquez.

In his new album titled Ballad Shalawat, Gita want to offer a touch of religion. In this album, he was a candidate with his album titled song.

A song with a distinctive voice Gita, combined with modern music the lyrics are easy this song stuck in your head quickly.

In addition Shalawat ballad, the song Perfect Man is also a single game in this album. Perfect man is a collaboration song creation and the father.

The beauty of classic pop sounds fused with orchestral grandeur Erwin Gutawa, so that drove people to shalawat praise His greatness.

"Actually my intention to make an album this religion has existed since long, but just now finally be realized. "He said.

In this album there are 8 tracks gifts. Some are familiar to the ear. Like a song written by Tim Christensen and Taufiq Ismail, entitled When the Hand and Foot said, and the song Happy Idul Fitri, which is already widely known.

Previously, Gita had issued a religious song, such as Straight Street and Salam Ramadan, religious duet with Hadad Alwi Gita.

All income from this album later, will be donated to the poor Gita.
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