Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Although branded as sex bomb actress, Adelia Rasya acting apparently still afraid naked. "I'll pay gede though

With a variety of tactics, the three girls are spoiled and the city was turned upside down pecicilan seize the future builders of wife. Adilia Rasya (born in Bandung, February 2, 1988; age 21 years) is Indonesian actress. He began his career in the entertainment world with the film playing in wide screen Marriage Contracts Again in the year 2008.

Although branded as sex bomb actress, Adelia Rasya acting apparently still afraid naked. "I'll pay gede though, I'm not gonna want sent naked. I also do not have the courage to do reckless it, "said Adelia FX found in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, yesterday. So far, Adelia already branded sex bomb Indonesia. Again Film Marriage Contract (2008) and Blood Virgin Honeymoon (2009), Adelia evidence was to be different. In the second movie, he appears hot. There's even a scene fuck all.

"If indeed there are scenes that will impress open-openings, there must be a limit. I admit that the film had to be total in the scene. But before I get a little challenging role, I usually had the same counsel parents, "he said.

To be able to live up to such a role, said Adelia, he several times to watch blue movies or blue movies. In addition to eliminating a sense of awkward and nervous, as well as to its chemistry.

"But from the beginning I was sure that the scenes were vulgar and will not help just because the camera tricks. So, I'm not too worried, "said the girl was bloody Sundanese.

Adelia admitted grateful for the movie he was no longer Nazar acting challenged heat. Nazar is the third film actress born Bandung, this February 2, 1988.

"I'm not too always thought when artists say sex bomb. After all, I can prove in the movie Nazar if I did not go to the opening, "lid Adelia.

Cindy (Jessica Iskandar) vowed to marry Jajat (Ytonk Club80s), artisans ketoprak nerd who happened to be passing, if he could win a luxury car from a bottle cap sweepstakes. Probably was the day, Cindy's really a luxury car to win it! Girl desperately trying to cancel this trendy home vows that. Nazar it can not be made to play games. Various turning misfortune Cindy life until he was sure that desire must be met. Together Rani (Adelia Rasya) and Dhea (Renata Kusmanto), Cindy was looking for Jajat which will soon be married in the camp

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