Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jessica Mila Agnesia: smart Akrtis Dance

Jessica Mila Agnesia: smart Akrtis Dance!
Who says soap operas reply players just look doang capital?
The proof is in addition to good acting, this girl is also adept nge-dance.

What is in the shadow lo the chat with someone cheers?
Is he going lo tell jumping and yells shout in front of the lo? Hehehe, a bit absurd good. But for Mila, Cheerleading've hobby like he voluntarily lakuin. Wusshh! Quick as a flash he would agree that invitation. This girl loves the same of all things dance. Ranging from dance to the cheerleaders never of role. Mila began a hobby that fits eternal still sitting in kindergarten. And the hobby is still going on is now sitting on the bench that his favorite SMA. Because, fitted junior girls Manado-Java descent was never of get champion three cheers for the category. He also often invited nge-dance to fill the events.

"Thinking and coordinated dance movement for the dance is something that says, smoothly. Well, kalo abis dance training, doi often get together the frind's together in one mall in South Jakarta. Often apparently it led to the introduction of hanging out with your favorite magazine is. After acquaintances and exchange phone number, Mila accept invitations to go to redaksi. Dari there, be a girl Mila Hai famous schools throughout Greater Jakarta. Because it was also the SMS. From the guy who is acquainted with him began to accumulate. Which have accumulated SMS has not make him too busy. Anyway, in between busy back instant SMS messages from fans, these fans do not forget to Purgatory cleaning room. "I do not like the messy room," I explained this grader.

His appearance became Hey Girl made aware of the producers and some make smooth his career in soap opera world. Many soap operas offer stop him playing. Sampe this article appeared, an around 8 soap opera titles milkshakes've by this freak. And now, again waiting for your bid Mila play next soap.

Full Name: Jessica Mila Agnesia
Place / Date of Birth: Langsa, Aceh Timur / August 3, 1992
School: SMAN 70
Height / Weight: 158 cm / 41 kg
Actor / Actress Favorites: Adam Brody / Mischa Barton
Java native father and his mother Dutch bloody-Manado.

* Love SMU
* Candy
* Alisha
* Sujudku
* Touch My Heart
* Sekar
* Nikita
* Manohara
* Prayer and Gifts

Both nature Mila Not like a mess
"Males have a reply see mess."

"Always try although the results may be bad."

Exactly promise
"No good already invited or invited but did not living rom."

Bad nature Mila stuck Molor
"In every subject, I always set aside 10 minutes to sleep hehehe ..."

No discipline
"Schedule activities've labored mostly failed all."

Pls do not like the
"Often the same doubt that've made the decision."

Naro like chewing gum in the car mirror
"Do not know why the likes gum nempelin wrote in part."

Kalo bikin melting gorgeous Mila
"For me the first impression is very influential, and usually lock from the physical."

"Mysterious and make curious!"
Good singing
"It will be the same singing he hehe ..."
"Just a girl wrote a chatterbox."
Too Pede
"Like more then something ordinary strings."
Others consider trivial
"Tasteless the others wrong. Ugh, of lazy!
Attitude senga
"No need to distinguish yourself to be loved as a girl."

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