Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moudy Mikha Tembayong is COVER GIRL 2008

Name Moudy Mikha Tembayong born 15 September 1994. Schools, 68 high schools, JKT. Name of Father / Mother michael Tambayong / Deva Tambayong. Achievement, COVER GIRL 2008. Hobbies eating, sleeping (hehehe). Micah serves as Trisha. Trisha is a simple cwe kind, and adults. Virgo likes Trisha. Virgo is the Chairman of OSIS in high school. But it was still dating Virgo Kirenina. Virgo time to shoot Trisha, Trisha in fact declined even though he knew he had the same sense of Virgo. Because the wishy-washy attitude is what makes the Virgo Trisha must reject. Trisha always get Award in her class. Claudia and Amanda always live, so Chacha always pet him.

Komentar Mikha tentang perannya : " Aku orangnya gak terlalu baik kayak Tasya..hehehe "

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