Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artist Rizky Sharena beautiful movie stars, soap operas and advertising model was born in Jakarta

Artist Rizky Sharena beautiful movie stars, soap operas and advertising model was born in Jakarta, October 11, 1983, daughter of the couple Zaldi Gunawan - Sawitri Wardhani admits doing facials if any more time alone. There was no regular schedule. In addition to maintaining her appearance, a woman with 171cm height was diligent green tea, vitamins and exercise.
Sharena Rizky black enthusiasts who have hobbies are traveling and shopping is also an alumnus of the University of Pelita Harapan in 2006 is often doing their own hair.

Artists who have Gunawan Sharena original name, now use the name because he Sharena Rizki change her last name following the name of her husband Taufiq Rizki. The couple married on December 21, 2007 after dating for more than 3 years.

maybe it was a little profile in the know about the beautiful artist and model this ad? There are going to add a profile or Sharena Rizki sharena this noble?

Sharena rizky also been a model lohh xl ads on one provider in inndonesia
Sharena Rizki, beautiful actress who recently starred in a sitcom called 'Check In Check Out' at one television station to admit, is not ready is children.

"I use birth control pills to postpone a cildren, because if you use spiral, I should have kids first. Moreover, I myself was not ready to have children, because I still feel like a kid and I'm also still under contract, "said Sharena when found on location in the numbers of South Jakarta, yesterday.

The actress who has a real name and Sharena Gunawan currently Sharena Rizki name, because it follows the name of her husband, Taufiq Rizki who married on December 21, 2007 and it also says, attachment contract with a company's cosmetics and vitamins, making them not get pregnant until the contract is complete in 2010.

Before filming bids flooded, women born in Jakarta, October 11, 1983 that started the career of this model often appeared in various advertisements. If you've seen advertisements, posters, or billboards displaying a beautiful face was smiling with the number 1 on the next USD, that's Sharena Rizki.

"Yeah, that's me. Because of the ad, I often say with a smile girl a dollar, "he said, then laughed. Now, can not freely Sharena once again, because wherever he went always to the attention of people.

But he already knew how to not recognize people. "Do not smile! Because if you smile, people remember and introducing straight face, "he explained. Sharena also admitted to more exist in today's world, namely the film.

"I learned a lot from the director and acting opponent. If dimarahin, I'm glad, because it was so good feedback for me, "he said and smiled.

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